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Have you ever sat around and embroidered beautiful flowers, images and designs while you were bored? In our master class, an embroidery artist will introduce you to all of the steps of traditional Uzbek embroidery. By the end of the class you will be skilled enough to create your own piece of hand embroidery.

Uzbek embroidery has a very long and rich history. Uzbekistan has always been a land of textiles. Nomads decorated every object they could—prayer rugs, saddlecloths, cradle covers, mirror cases, yurt bands, tent flaps, salt bags and gift wraps—with weaving or embroidery. Embroideries were made with silk, wool and cotton threads painted with natural dyes on high quality cotton and silk fabrics. In this class, you will have the opportunity to create wonderful embroidered artwork using different stitch techniques preserved from centuries for use as home décor or as a gift.

Master Saifullo Madjidov was born in 1948 in a town of Nurata, one of the most important centers of traditional Uzbek embroidery. He has studied embroidery from his grandmother. Madjidov currently runs a workshop and teaches apprentices in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. His work has been exhibited at different folk art events and can be found in some museums and also in private collections throughout the world.




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