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Do you know what weaving, carpet weaving, embroidery, block printing and pottery all have in common? They traditionally all made use of natural dyes.

Natural dyes play a significant role in the traditional applied arts of Uzbekistan. The dying process consists of several steps, such choosing proper natural materials, making the dyes from these materials, and preparing and then dying raw materials. A master dyer has to be very skilled to handle the entire process.

Since olden days, masters used natural dyes in Central Asia. They kept their skills in secret and pass them down only to close relatives. In our master class you have a chance to learn a secret of using natural dyes. A master dyer will lead you through every stage of magic in the dying process.

Kendjaev Fatullo graduated from the School of Art at the Bukhara. To learn the art of dying silk threads with natural dyes, he collected the information from several local master dyers, and using this knowledge, he began to produce carpet and embroidery using naturally dyed threads. In 2001 he opened Unshod Carpet Weaving Training School where he teaches students in the art of natural dying and the importance of preserving ancient patterns. He has participated in the International Folk Art Market in Sante Fe for every year since 2004.





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