Our quest is to fulfill your travel dreams for our region. Salom Travel provides a high level of custom travel service in Central Asia. We believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance with our customers, vendors, employees and community will result in loyal, long-term relationships.
We believe our service should exceed industry standards and provide the best value for the customer.
We believe that through shared decision-making, our company will proactively and successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Giving Back: Salom Travel is proud to have long supported cottage craft industries and women’s projects.


Our specialists are at the heart of Salom Travel.

Raisa Gareeva

President & Founder

Raisa was born and raised in Uzbekistan and worked over 15 years as a guide and interpreter for Soviet Intourist. In 1994 she founded Salom Travel with a dual mission of providing an excellent way for travelers to become acquainted with her part of the world, Central Asia, and to support local craftspeople.

Azat Fazilov

Office Manager

Azat studied Civil Engineering at the Bukhara Technological Institute. He worked for a large construction company for 10 years, then his career dramatically changed when he was offered to work in the IT department of Salom Travel. He wanted to work with international guests and spent the next two years learning English. Azat says, “I found this much more interesting than sitting in an office with cables and computer chips!” In addition to managing the office, Azat has guided travelers for over 16 years throughout Uzbekistan.

Madina Rakhimova

Tour Operator and Guide

Madina grew up in Bukhara and loves her native city with its ancient traditions and sights. She studied English philology at Bukhara State University and started her career as an English language teacher. Since 2012 she has also been working at Salom Travel as a tour operator and guide. in 2016 she won a Fulbright Scholarship and worked as a teaching assistant for Uzbek language at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Madina is a responsible and sociable person with a good sense of humor. She is passionate about travelling and discovering new things. Her interests include the cultures, dances and languages of different nations. Madina’s native languages are Uzbek and Tajik and she speaks Russian and English.

Dilnoza Sharafutdinova

 Tour Operator

Dilnoza has been working in the field of tourism for over a decade. She is a native Tajik and Uzbek speaker and additionally speaks Russian and English and has studied Farsi and Japanese. She serves as a tour operator, accompanying guide and local guide. After completing her university studies, she attended additional business and marketing courses. She has a love of people and laughter and brings a joyful ambiance to any encounter. She has traveled in the US and Iran and is interested in music and culture.