For centuries, Westerners have read about and dreamed of visiting the exotic places on the Great Silk Road. Few landmarks have tantalized the minds of people more than the legendary caravan routes of Central Asia. Marlowe, Keats, Milton and Kipling all wrote about these Oasis Cities, although none had ever seen them. Remotely located behind barriers of deserts, mountains and politics, these cities had rarely been accessible to non-Muslims and travelers from the West.

These areas are inaccessible no longer. Now travel is open along the length and breadth of the Great Silk Road. All these places, experiences and splendors as seen by Alexander the Great, Gingiz Khan and Tamerlane are now available to you.

Salom Travel Company has decades of experience in tourism, taking excellent care of our diverse clients who are visiting, studying, researching or doing business in the region. We offer our clients comfortable, enjoyable and interesting stays at reasonable prices. We provide several tiers of accommodation options. We wish to promote and enhance an appreciation of the history, culture, traditions and arts developed in Central Asia.


Our experienced guides will show you these lands like no one else. Salom Travel Company has been in the group tourism business since 1994, and is a pioneer of independent travel to Uzbekistan, and its neighboring countries.

We offer a wide range of travel services including meals in private homes, crafts demonstrations, cooking classes, guest lecturers, “behind the scenes” access to some locations, and more.


We’re a small-group of travel experts for Central Asia and have been in this business for over 20 years. We are known for listening to travelers and giving them what they want.

We specialize in large groups, small groups and individual travelers.

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